Swarfega Lemon

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Product Features

  • Contains highly developed surfactant cleaning agents to remove oil, grease, adhesives, some paints and general soilings quickly and effectively
  • Contains non-abrasive, natural cornmeal scrub which gives a deep-down clean without damaging the skin.
  • A rich creamy lotion which quickly rinses off leaving no greasy after-feel.
  • Contains glycerine and a lanolin derivative, highly effective humectants and emollients, to help moisturise the skin and prevent dryness.
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Product Description
Solvent-free lemon hand cleaner. Containing natural cornmeal scrubbing agents to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Contains moisturiser to help care for skin. For use with Swarfega Cleanse 4L Dispenser.
Product Specification
Pack Size 4x4L
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