Newhall Janitorial

The Regional Service With National Resources

Newhall Janitorial has an outstanding reputation for customer service as a specialist distributor of cleaning and hygiene products throughout South Wales. Originally part of John Hall Group, Newhall has operated independently since 1988. Newhall is committed to the quality of its products and customer service. It selects from the leading manufacturers in the industry and immense importance is placed on speed and efficiency of supply.

We take pride in the high customer loyalty we enjoy from businesses of all sizes. We have earned this loyalty by working hard to maximise efficiency in communications and operations, as well as maintaining a strong supply chain.

We are located in Cardiff and are able to serve you efficiently regardless of where you are.

Our team are always keen to serve you with any queries, however big or small your business. We do not use an external call centre, so you are guaranteed to always reach one of our own experts.