Fairy Adw Dishwash Tabs Original

Product Code: 8974


Product Features

  • Clean brilliantly, leaving nothing but shine!
  • In professional machine each tablet lasts up to 5 cycles!
  • Dissolves quickly and completely in water
  • No need to unrwap
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Product Description
Fairy Original All in One dishwasher tablets have the 1st time cleaning action and its formula even cleans dried-on grease. Fairy Original combines liquid and powder in one powerful capsule. Its ultrasoluble pouch dissolves much faster than hard-pressed tablets, so they start acting immediately to get the job done. Plus, they're incredibly easy to use. Just place them in your auto dishwasher. No unwrapping and no mess. Also use Fairy washing up liquid in your sink. Its concentrated formula cuts through grease instantly, to give you a brilliant clean. The cleaning power you can always trust for your washing up.
Product Specification
Pack Size 2x100
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